Friday, February 15, 2008


Please make sure brain is engaged before putting mouth in gear. From Worldwatch Institute via ENN:
A few years ago, a homeowner in Las Vegas—a place that gets maybe five inches of rainfall a year—was confronted by a water district inspector for running an illegal sprinkler in the middle of the day. The man became very angry. He said, “You people and all your stupid rules—you’re trying to turn this place into a desert!”

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Paul Botts said...

Actually Las Vegas averages only 3.5 inches of rainfall per year, and if it were up to me every dam on the Colorado would be reduced to rubble tomorrow. That said, I would happily wager $100 that the water-inspector anecdote is an urban legend -- it has all the red flags of such. I've never once lost such a bet in 20 years of offering them (and having several times had the proposition accepted).