Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Obama the Clintonite

Max Fraser in the Nation isn't happy with Barack:
Only Obama has not called for a moratorium and interest-rate freeze. Though he has been a proponent of mortgage fraud legislation in the Senate, he has remained silent on further financial regulations. ... Obama's disappointing foreclosure plan stems from the centrist politics of his three chief economic advisers and his campaign's ties to Wall Street institutions opposed to increased financial regulation. ... Robert Pollin, an economist at the University of Massachussets, believes "these three advisers generally reflect Obama's very moderate economic program, similar to Clintonism."


So-Called Austin Mayor said...


Apparently my RSS reader dumped your feed a while back, but I've got you back in regular rotation.


Harold said...

Welcome back, SCAM. I knew you were around there somewhere!


JB Powers said...

I don't think Obama would disappoint people looking for Loony Leftitst economics. He has called for criminal charges against "predatory lenders" "driving low-income families into financial ruin", as well as a new set of fines for banks in a move that can only help assure a subprime crisis.

Couple this with Obama's audacious support of the Fair Pay Act, higher taxes all around and we have the same economic suicide that all Leftists support.

The Nation should be proud of such addle-brained economic policy.


Harold said...

Yeah, those predatory lenders' portfolios are the toast of Wall Street, I hear.

Moderator said...

What better time to crush a business than when it is down?

I think Leftists would be applauding the Obama's proposed destruction of a business, much like the Feds destroyed Arthur Andersen.