Friday, December 14, 2007

A religious test for high elective office

Sam Smith actually offers more than a dozen, in the form of rhetorical questions; this (#8) is one I can get behind:

Does faith primarily influence the candidate by providing positive
values or by supplying wildly unsupportable information posing as truth?

Of course, don't forget the possibility that faith may influence the candidate to believe that husbands have the right and duty to lord it over their wives, and that the wives should shut up and take it. More on this immoral and monarchical doctrine here. (H/t to Sam and Daily Kos)


Paul Botts said...

Well isn't the fairest answer to that question "both"? I'm more enthused about his questions #2 and #3 which are about hypocrisy, and #9 which is about a level playing field for secularists like me.

Most of the rest of Smith's questions range from infantile to childish which is about par for him.

Michael Koplow said...
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Saradevil said...

I really enjoyed question #4. Is it wrong that I know would like to find a candidate that would support Catholics like the Berrigan Brothers?