Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another window on Chicago

Did I sleep through this? Well, maybe you did too. Thom Clark's Community Media Workshop has a blog portal in addition to its very useful NewsTips. The blog portal includes links to nonprofit reports and media policy items, as well as several community news outlets: New Communities Program, Beachwood Reporter, Creating Community Connections, Afro-Netizen, Beep Central, Chi-Town Daily News, and Gapers' Block. Plus of course CMW's own podcasts and videos.

Is it my imagination, or are the for-profit media doing less while this not-for-profit is doing more?


JB Powers said...

It's your imagination Harold; the for-profit media never did that much to begin with.


Gordon Mayer said...

Thanks for the kudos! Just to add, that the blog portal is still kinda in a beta stage so we have not really put any resources into publicizing it yet--that means we are wide open to suggestions for other feeds that belong there, useful tools for our communities of nonprofit communicators and smart journalists, etc.!

By the bye, I don't agree w/jb--for me, what the for-profit media do or don't do is all about audience; they have a built-in, in-the-DNA bias toward white middle-class folks that is awfully hard to counter. In their defense, it's basically impossible to please all the people all the time, but that's no excuse for just aiming to please some of the people all of the time.

JB Powers said...

If the only problem with the Sun Time s and Trib was a "bias toward white middle-class folk", one might take you more seriously.

Alternative press can actually do something important. But it is long since time to walk away from the dorky 1969 attitude.

As long as the Reader website has a section called "Free Sh*t" does anyone actually think they are for real (despite the fine flowing technology of the site)?