Monday, December 24, 2007

Peace on Earth,...

...good will to everyone except the torturers and war criminals running this country.


JB Powers said...

Been trying to avoid this subject, but Sullivan is nuttier than usual here. He makes the outlandish claim that some of the guys in Al-Qaeda might be insane-well what do you know! They seemed like such level headed folks in general, then Sullivan comes along and bursts my bubble.

Then he stokes it up about some videotaping of mistreatment of captured terrorists, with the claim, echoed by HH, that "It's a war crime that reaches into the heart of the Oval Office" (though it has already been verified by such reliable sources as the New York Times, who needs video?)

Again, what do you know...during a tense period the US crosses the line and abuses what? They have done this for years (FDR anyone?) and the press turns a blind eye to it.

US Citizens in US Prison are treated worse ever minute of every day of the year, just like always, but the Left screams "war crimes" because of some knee-jerk anti-Bush juvenellia rather than any outrage towards human right abuse.

The anti-Bush howlers can just pick a number, they make no coherent argument against the Bush that couldn't be made against most every other President in our history.

Harold said...

Even if the premise is dubious, I'm glad to hear you're taking up the cause of ameliorating prison conditions, JB.