Friday, April 11, 2008

Then and now

"The times recall those of the late 1800s," writes my friend Jim Krohe in Illinois Issues (this portion of which isn't on line),
that gave rise to the biz schools. Then, as now, rapacious corporations strode over the land, corrupting politics, exploiting aggrieved workers and leaving citizens at large appalled by the damage that the untrammeled pursuit of profit had done to their cities and civic values. The difference is, back then the new biz schools hoped to bring civilized values to the running of business.
Then, professional management expertise was expected to reconcile labor and capital, ethics and self-aggrandizement. What now?

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JB Powers said...

It is also different now in that there was no income or FICA tax in the 1880's, but you can easily pay 55% in taxes today, and still get awful services from your government.

The "untrammeled pursuit of profit" in the late 1800's brought us The American Red Cross, The University of Chicago, The Carnegie Library System, the vast network of Catholic (and other religious and masonic) Charities and Hospitals, all in contradiction to Krone's excerpted paragraph.

Today we get the Sen. Obama's Bridge to Nowhere, Cook County Hospital, and a 50% dropout rate for our tax dollars at work.