Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Disagree this!

Brad DeLong points to Paul Graham's taxonomy of disagreement (and explanation of why it's more important than usual these days). Just so you know, in ascending order from worst to best, the kinds of disagreement are name-calling, ad hominem, responding to tone, contradiction, counterargument, refutation, and refuting the central point.

How did you disagree today?


Paul Botts said...

I like it, but unfortunately it doesn't clearly identify what seems to me to be the most-common form of dishonest argument nowadays, which is the putting up of straw men to bash. The author seems to I think touch on that practice in a couple of places but never clearly names or describes it. It's so damned pervasive today that it really needs a clear place in that taxonomy.

Ted said...

Harold, is that a picture of you before you grew a beard?

Also, I had no idea you lived in LaPorte. I worked there for a year.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

This is bullshit!

so-called "Austin Mayor"

Harold said...

Ted -- Are you agreeing or disagreeing?!

Harold said...

Paul -- Hmm, good point. I'll place it above "responding to tone" and below "contradiction."