Friday, March 21, 2008

Go a lot farther west, young researchers

"If NIH [the National Institutes of Health] does not get consistent and robust support in the future, the nation will lose a generation of young investigators to other careers and other countries and, with them, a generation of promising research that could cure disease for millions for whom no cure currently exists."

The news story on ENN. The report and related Congressional testimony, from six research universities and a major teaching hospital.

Drew Gilpin Faust of Harvard: "Right now, the nation’s brightest, young researchers, upon whom the future of American medicine rests, are getting the message that biomedical research may be a dead end and they should explore other career options —and in too many cases, they’re taking that message to heart. The President’s latest budget proposal that calls for another year without an increase will only make the problem worse."

Maybe it really is more important to cut taxes, wage endless war, and build fences to keep poor people from coming into the country than it is to keep smart people working here. If so, let Bush and those few Americans who still support him -- and John McCain -- defend that position.

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JB Powers said...


Of course Federal Spending, even excluding the controversial War etc, has increased faster than inflation, so you might want to ask...where does all the money go?

I haven't much looked at 2008 research funding, but I will wager that earmarks, outside of the NSF and NIH have taken the place of juried funding for research projects.

This way Sen. Obama (and others of course)can send money to his wife at U of C Hospitals outside of any mechanism measuring the allocation of research funding resources.

The politicians and the politically connected win..the valid research and general public lose. This is a system that needs more tax $?