Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Keeping candidates honest on health care

Northwestern's Institute for Policy Research News (PDF) is great for those of us without the time or train fare to attend all their briefings and symposia. The new (winter) issue includes a summary of health industry management prof David Dranove's December take on what presidential candidates aren't saying about cost containment, entitlement, and the role of technology.

I'm a sucker for people who are well enough informed to take a good whack at both sides. Here's DD on "the darling of Republican Party candidates," consumer-directed health plans. He says they're unlikely to have any impact because they target healthy well-educated individuals.

As for entitlements: "No one is promising a $300,000 house to homeless families. But many candidates are promising equal access to the world's most expensive and advanced healthcare system." That either means a big bill to pay, or a rationing system.

If you're a person of leisure, you can skip the newsletter and see the presenters' PowerPoint slides or watch a video of the event itself (46:45) -- and tell us about 'em in the comments.

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JB Powers said...

I volunteer from time to time at a set of free-clinics on the South Side which have seen a serious decline in business since Target moved into the neighborhood, and started offering $4 prescriptions.

Professor Dranove is one of the smartest guys I have ever met, but I am not convinced that delivering health care at an affordable rate is soley of benefit to the middle class +.

But of course the City just booted Wal-Mart from Chatham...to assist the poor, I suppose.