Thursday, December 13, 2007

Radio daze

If you ever wondered why I went in for the written word instead of the spoken word, you can listen to Outside the Loop Radio's podcast of Andy Hermann and Mike Stephen interviewing me about the Reader brouhaha. An abbreviated version will air on WLUW (FM 88.7) Friday at 6 pm. Thanks, guys.


Paul Botts said...

I wonder if the fact that it is suddenly distinctly harder to _find_ a Reader in the northern part of the Loop is in any way related to the ownership change. I work most days at Wacker and Wabash and as of a couple weeks ago the Reader machines near us are no longer being filled, the Borders at State and Randolph no longer allows them to be stacked in the store vestibule, ditto the Starbucks in our building.

I guess I could hunt around a bit more but at this point I'll probably just spend my Thursday/Friday train rides home on a book. Easier to look up theater and music listings on Metromix, Hot Type became terminally dull a while back with endless ruminations about the state of journalism schools and whatnot, I haven't glanced at the Reader's want ads in at least a decade, so...with the actual writers now punted the thing is just a thicker New City. Not sure I'm grasping the new business model.

Harold said...

That's odd. A friend says it's harder to find in Hyde Park too. So where is it easier? Anyway, I don't need to grasp the new business model any more -- it grasped me!